Red Light Tickets

Due to the installation of red light cameras, red light tickets are becoming much more prevalent in San Antonio. If you get a red light ticket, the heavy ticket fines you are assessed may not be the only problem you encounter. Points on your driving record and higher insurance rates are some of the possible consequences of getting a red-light ticket.

Getting out of a red light ticket may be challenging. There is no longer any need for an officer to be present at the intersection. Some intersections have cameras that take pictures of the passing vehicle and an officer will review them later to determine whether the violation actually took place. The cameras provide the officer with the license place, date, time of the offense, vehicle speed and the amount of time elapsed after the light turned red. Drivers usually receive their ticket in the mail within 14 days, along with pictures of the license plate and a photo of the driver. This can make it appear very difficult impossible to beat a red light ticket in San Antonio court.

If you get a red light ticket or any other traffic ticket, contact our office for a free phone consultation. If you hire out firm we will fight your ticket, attempt to get it dismissed or have the penalties lessened, and protect your driving record.

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