Free Warrant Checks!

Why are warrants issued?

For many traffic violations, once you are cited you are required to sign your ticket. Signing it is not a plea of guilt. It simply means that you are promising to appear in San Antonio court by a certain day and time. You may plead guilty and pay your fine which may include court costs and affect your insurance premiums but there will be no need to appear in the court any more. However, if you wish to plead not guilty and fight to protect your driving record, you should appear in court (we can do this for you). If you do not appear in San Antonio Court, the court may issue a failure to appear warrant for your arrest.

Clearing Warrants in San Antonio

Clearing a warrant from your DMV record can be lengthy and frustrating procedure. If you have a warrant in your name and you get pulled over for any traffic violation, whether you are guilty or not, there is a chance of being arrested.

Failure to Appear Warrants

Failure to Appear (FTA) warrants are considered misdemeanors. These warrants will appear on any background check. The points of a Failure to Appear warrant may remain on your record for years and the warrant may be active on your record until you appear in court.

It is important to handle Failure to Appear warrants as soon as possible. With a Failure to Appear warrant on your record, the effects can be far-reaching. It can affect future job opportunities, loan applications and even welfare aid. When your insurance company finds out about the warrant, they could raise your rates substantially. In some cases, insurance coverage might even be cancelled by your carrier. Our experience can help you clear your warrants while you avoid court and possible arrest.

Drug Offenses

The Law Office of Ronald A. Ramos represents individuals charged with possession of drug paraphernalia including possession of marijuana. We have handled these offenses in San Antonio court and may be able to keep the charges off of your record, and have any penalties reduced to a minimum.

If you have been charged with drug possession in Texas, your criminal record may be at stake. It is important for you to know your rights and to defend your good reputation. Our experience can help. Rest assured that we will not share ANY of your information with law enforcement.

Fighting Your Ticket Can Cost You Less

Have you been issued a traffic ticket or Class C Misdemeanor in San Antonio? It pays to fight it!

Traffic tickets and misdemeanors can cost you much more than you think. If you pay your traffic ticket or misdemeanor fines directly to the court, a conviction will appear on your driving or criminal record.

This can result in penalties on your driving record and higher insurance premiums that could end costing you thousands of dollars. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, future employment, educational, and even housing opportunities may be in jeopardy. Our experience can help you avoid court and keep your record clean.

For just the cost of your ticket fine, we will appear in court for you and fight to protect your record. In most cases we can keep the ticket from appearing as a conviction on your record.

In some cases we can do it for less.
Don’t miss school or work to spend hours at the court house.
Avoid penalties to your driving record.
Keep your insurance premiums from rising.
We fight your traffic ticket or misdemeanor for you, and you will NOT have to appear in court.