Red Light Camera Traps – Traffic Ticket Attorney

Red Light Camera Traps – Traffic Ticket Attorney

Have you ever heard of a Photo Blocker Spray or traffic camera license plate cover? You can be sure to see these products increase in popularity as the war against unjust traffic tickets soar.

Many people today have been a victim of the trap of a red light camera. No matter where you go, there always seems to be a camera around. They are at red lights to take a picture if you happen to go through a yellow light that turns red. Traffic ticket attorneys

Although increasing in number, many motorists are not aware that these traffic cameras are mostly owned by private security companies that benefit from operating cameras in municipalities.

On the other hand, most people do not know these private companies rake in great revenue when they catch someone on camera breaking the law … or so they say they have broken the law.

Many cities have been found guilty of altering the time the yellow light remains, which results in violations for many people. That means more money coming in. This privatization income has increased not only for themselves but for the subcontractor as well.

The main reason behind these cameras is said to be for security. There is an argument that drivers have often rear-ended someone trying to avoid these cameras at a red light.

These camera traps are known for making a lot of mistakes at the expense of drivers. But for local police, it is a great way to increase revenue, as well at the subcontractor benefitting.

The private security company provides a camera for each location, and when a driver runs through a red light, their registration is recorded and they are issued a citation. While the actual rate that the subcontractor charges can vary greatly. In most cases, a greater percentage of the fee is for them. This makes a lot of money for the subcontractor. The cost of a unit may be the reason for the rate of increase in traffic fines seen today on the national level.

These camera traps are popping up everywhere, especially in urban areas where there are large amounts of traffic. When it comes to security there are many who contend that these traps are for security, but many others claim it is just another way to make more money.

For many, these cameras are considered a nuisance. In many cases, there is a high error rate resulting in traffic tickets that the driver has little chance of winning. For this reason, many companies offer ways to make your plate more difficult to capture on film with a Photo Blocker Spray and license plate covers.traffic violation

The spray photo blocker and license cover plate create a “Fog” when photographed and do not give the camera a clear picture. When the camera flashes, making the real image blur, it can not be read accurately and a ticket can not be issued.

These are some options you have when trying to make it harder for the camera to capture your license plate number and they are increasing in use.

Manufacturers encourage that these products are not abused, but want to protect drivers of being unfairly caught on film.

It is good to know that there are some options to combat these unfair traffic violations.

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